Roman Empire and its

Humanitarian Progress:

from persecution to religious toleration


When one thinks of slavery, even that of the Roman Empire, it is simple to adduce there is a violation of human dignity.  However, when one is executed simply for what one believes, there is, without doubt, a greater offense to human life.  Thus, due to its prominence and significant outcome in the Roman Empire history, it is important to study the persecutions of Christians. ...

...Its long-term significance was that of liberties, for if humanity can believe freely, humanity can think freely; And if humanity can think freely, humanity can live freely.  Thus, by embarking on a concept of toleration, the Roman Empire not only paved roads, it paved the way to freedom.  Consequently, despite initially being the greatest violator through Christian persecution, the most significant humanitarian progress that the Roman Empire achieved was securing humanity’s ability to believe without the threat of execution for their thought by religious tolerance.