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"endeavoring to advance the Bible's historical significance, cultural heritage, discover its literary and linguistic importance, and spiritual relevance." 

The Bible's rich history... 


The Galleries include Colonial American and Medieval Europe Bible exhibits that reflect their impact on western culture.  



Includes the preservation and archival of historically significant Bible texts and research reports that aim to foster inspiration and education. 

The Bible bears historical significance, cultural heritage, linguistic and literary importance.  It inspires faith, spiritual meaning, and theological thought. 


Historically, the Bible’s nostalgia stirs the imagination of medieval Europe or American colonial periods.  Throughout the ages, Bibles have been made with craftsmanship and artistry. 

With the advancement of technologies came increased knowledge of the Bible.  Hundreds of translations of the Bible have recorded languages like a Rosetta Stone.  Its unique literary value of poetic and prophetic prose makes it an exceptional work that goes unparalleled.  Its religious content instructs in righteousness and prescribes spiritual salvation, touching the heart.  From its pages, millions of people over the millennia have drawn a sense of freedom of conscience, love, joy, peace, hope, and comfort, hence its popularity.  Yet, the Bible's gospel message had stirred such controversy and hate among tyrants, that it was banned, burned; likewise, many of its publishers suffered death.


As a museum, library, and archive, we hope to provide a place to explore and study with an expansive collection of Biblically related content from general interest to researchers that would foster historical learning, discussion, interpretation, and research of the Bible and Christianity.  Museum and Library of the Bible is committed to educating about the Bible, its publications, and history as it relates to humanity.  MISSION STATEMENT

Vision: Museum and Library of the Bible, presently an online information resource, we endeavor to have a physical location that will center around the Bible museum and library containing Bibles, related books, and artwork for all to enjoy in a natural environment.  Additionally, offer a museum that ensures the preservation of the Bible and provides for an immersive and or inspiring experience.  It would commemorate the Bible’s ongoing impact on the world around us with the use of historical, educational, and art exhibits.  Additionally, we endeavor to reflect the Bible's historical significance, cultural heritage, literary legitimacy, and spiritual relevance.  Similar to the presenting of the historicity for Jesus’s life, our goal is to reveal through the Bible’s history how its “living and active” qualities make it personal to so many.  With the exposition of how the Bible positively impacted people’s lives and societies, one can experience it, learn its value, and lasting impact.  In the early centuries of Christianity the Church set out to 1) preach the Gospel, 2) teach the scriptures, 3) as an act of love, helped the poor & sick, 4) encouraged righteous living, and 5) practiced separateness or devotion unto God (holiness), all of which are Scriptural instructions that impacted western culture.

"I meditate on your age-old regulations; O Lord, they comfort me." Ps. 119:52